Low-cost Internet marketing, self-manage marketing activies

Group buying, Advertising, Cloud service

Self-manage marketing activites, Discounted package can be introduced on demand to attract customers. Customer orders and pays online, then go to the restaurant to scan QR code and has meal. The restaurant staff can log on the FoodeLive platform to launch their own advertising, the restaurant can also send their own advertising information to members via email. Cloud technology applications, reduce the restaurant hardware investment, man-machine interface is simple.

Real time access the operating status, manage anywhere even at home

Data analysis, statistic and real time transmission

Restaurant owner can log on to Foodelive to check the number of guests, consumption habits, taste preferences, the most popular dishes. These data can help the owner to choose the best customer, focus on loyal customer, also can help owners to improve dishes and services. Data real-time transmission, owners can control the restaurant operating status at any time from anywhere.

Improve dining experience, keep loyal customers, reduce customer churn, improve table use rate

Digital menu, Intelligent ordering and queuing, online booking(payment), membership

Using digital menu instead of traditional paper menu, more information, more colours, staff self-management. Intelligent ordering means waiter intelligent ordering + customer intelligent ordering + Takeaway intelligent ordering Paperless ordering, no artificial errors. Queuing intelligent ordering can help customer view the menu and order when they are waiting in the queue which will save both staff and customer time. Online booking (payment) feature help customer booking and make payment online easily and help restaurant do more accurately preparing job. Customers can register as a restaurant member and get the member benefit. The restaurant can set up membership policy, provide personalized service for members, cultivate loyal customers Without plastic membership card, members can always check points, order history, restaurants promotion, etc. Cloud technology can ensure data accuracy, the restaurant no longer need to manually calculate the membership benefits

Enhance restaurant service

Services multiple-culture market, support by professional team

Support English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other languages, foucs on multiple-culture market. Travel agencies recommended to improve visibility and increase income. Professional team provide marketing and technical support. Each restaurant have an independent home page with sub domain.